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realization 2013 / area 113 m2
photographer Jiří Ernest


This terraced house is situated in a quiet, residential part of Prague. The property is surrounded by a large garden. It has been in the possession of the same family for a number of generations and, over the course of time, filling up and changing to suit the changing needs of a growing family. It was clearly in need of remodelling, with the last substantial interior works having been carried out during the 90s. With this in mind, the clients decided to adapt the property to suit their current needs, both functionally and aesthetically.

The bathroom, as the space where one typically starts each new day or bring one’s evening to a pleasant end, has undergone the greatest change. By utilising direct and indirect lighting a selection of different light settings have been made available, so that one may be able to adjust the atmosphere in accordance with the mood. In combination with the 3D tiling and the dominant mirror this revives the whole space.

The partition wall which separated the kitchen from the living room was removed, and the dining table was moved from the living room to the conservatory. The sliding door between the kitchen and the conservatory was also removed. Resultantly, the conservatory has become the sunny oasis of the property, and the living space is now both open and interconnected.

While the conservatory is ideal for spending time on summer days, the fireplace is frequently used for cosy evenings during the winter months. The indirect lighting set in the 3D veneer wall beside the couch is intended for such moments. The veneer wall’s shade is aligned with that of the floor and furniture. The indirect lighting is also directed upon the glass tiles and the bases of the kitchen cabinets.

In contrast to this, the master bedroom is furnished very simply. The room’s colour accent is limited to a graphic on the door of wardrobes.

The children's room has undergone little alteration. I respected the clients’ request and preserved the wood-panelling on the walls, and retained the original carpet and yellow colour scheme. These colours were attuned to the remaining furniture. This room is, for the most part, the clients’ own work.

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